to the website of the association Zoom - Gesellschaft für prospektive Entwicklungen e.V., Göttingen, Germany.

The association Zoom - Gesellschaft für prospektive Entwicklungen e.V. / Society for Prospective Developments promotes equal opportunities and participation in society. Especially important to us are intercultural and gender perspectives.

The main topics of Zoom e.V. are (anti-)discrimination, violence, senior citizens, the third sector and employment policies. We have gathered extensive professional experience in these topics and other related fields of social and labour market policy. We are proficient in conducting thorough analyses as well as in developing future practices and policy measures. Zoom e.V. focuses on both the regional as well as on the European level.

We pursue our topics and aims in different fields of activities. We conduct scientific studies and evaluations, organise conferences, develop innovative projects and design concepts for the transfer of knowledge between practice and science. As an additional service, we also offer support and counselling on tasks in these fields.

On our web site, we will introduce ourselves, our topics and scope of activities in order to give an overview of our experience and expertise. Please contact us if you are interested in co-operating with us or if you would like to find out more about Zoom e.V.