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SiliA – Action programme "Security for the elderly"

Together with the German Police University Zoom e.V. coordinated and supported the action programme "Security for the elderly" funded by the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. We were particularly happy to coordinate and support the implementation of results gained in previous research projects.

While the subjective and objective security situation for the majority of people aged sixty and above is relatively good, the study "Crime and violence in the life of older people" has shown that for older people and very old people, specific zones of particular danger exist. These arise partly because some perpetrators specifically target older people. A particular need for action arises because the situation of very old people and people in care is often characterised by vulnerability and dependency. Furthermore can some acts of crime and violence against old and very old people often be easily concealed by perpetrators with little risk of detection. This is partly due to the currently inadequate alignment and coordination of assistance for elder victims and their specific needs.

The Action programme SiliA focuses on four areas, which have been looked at in four modules:

  1. Measures for the prevention of forms of property offence which specifically target very old people.
  2. Measures for the prevention of violence by improving both the coroner’s in-quest as well as the development of a catalogue of indicators for the early rec-ognition of cases regarding homicide involving very old people and people in care.
  3. Measures for the prevention of intimate partner violence in partnerships of older people as well as developing measures for intervention.
  4. Intervention- and prevention measures regarding the abuse and neglect of older people.

Contact: Barbara Nägele and Sandra Kotlenga